Help! My phones don't work!

What to do if you are having a telephone emergency

In the event of an emergency and it is during normal business hours, Call Us at (760) 955-7850 or (800) 829-5513 immediately and we will have a technician assist you. If it's outside of normal business hours you may call and leave a message in our emergency mailbox and we will contact you as soon possible.

Below are a few diagnostic checks you can do in the event of a service disruption to make make servicing your system smoother:

Are there lights on your phone?

If you push a button on your phone and the light comes on, chances are your phone system is operational. If you dial 9 and cannot complete an outside call, then your dialtone provider (Verizon, Charter, TelePacific, AT&T, TimeWarner or whoever you pay your monthly charges for telephone service) may be having problems. Contact them first to ensure your area is not experiencing any outages.

Is there dialtone?

If you don't get any dialtone, then it's possible it's a loss of service with your telephone service provider or company, such as Verizon or Charter. Call their support and check to see if there are any outages in your area. If you receive no dial tone, but instead get a different tone or a warning message, make note of this as it may assist in diagnosing your issue.

Is there power?

Though most modern phone systems contain advanced back up power supplies in the event of power outages, it is possible that your back up battery system no longer works or is charged properly. Call Us.

Can you make outgoing calls?

Can you call other telephone numbers? Try both local (same area code and prefix) and long distance (different area code). You may be unable to make outgoing calls to certain restricted area codes (e.g. 900, 999) if this was programmed or requested at time of install. If you suspect this, then schedule a service change request with us to make this change.

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